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My suggestion is to save this webpage, and take your time to read it off-line. If you don’t need for traffic, you may leave this webpage. But, If you hardly need for free traffic, you better stay here and continue to read this article.

Read this and if you like it...It only takes 1 hour to complete this program

Let me introduce myself. I’m the webmaster of Game Zone. In this article, I’m going to introduce a system of viral link to you. So many people come to me and offered a viral link system and I rejected it. Why? It’s because those viral link has a lot of weakness. But, Presently….I met a new viral link, I took my time to study it carefully. And I found that it’s the best viral concept for every one. This time, it’s my turn to offer a viral link opportunity. If you badly need for traffic…you shall continue to read this.
Ok, it’s time for me to explain the benefit of this system for you. But, before we continue … I want to tell you about the importance of traffic.
Traffic is one of indicators that Google use to determine the importance of your webpage
Traffic is also an indicator of trusted page, and it can help you to get listed in the first page of Google.
If you join in a paid review program, then you will need traffic more than pagerank. If your Alexa rank is better than 300.000, it will be easy enough for you to win every bid.

I can’t explain the benefit of this program, before I explain how it works. Definitely it’s much much a lot easier than blogwalking everyday. You may count how many times you spent just to visit another blog and invite them to visit your blog. Or how many times you spent to join in a visit exchange program? How many people you can invite to visit your blog everyday? I do blogwalking, and maybe it will be my daily activity just to keep my alexa rank on a good position.
As you know, viral link is quite similar with MLM system. But don’t worry, In this system there is no product or money will be involved. It’s totally free so you don’t have anything to lose. If you want to join in this system,….this is the procedure:

  • Right click on each thumbnails, and choose Open in a new tab
  • On the top side of the window of the new tabs, you will see a blue bar. On the blue bar you will see a text like this “AD CODE GENERATION …. PLEASE WAIT”. So, you have to wait for a few seconds until it display the code.

  • Put the code that you’ve found in the boxes right under the thumbnails. Put it in the right order.

  • Fill the form below and click on submit.

  • Open your e-mail, and find the e-mail from 1millionfreehits.com. It will be seen like this.

  • Click on the verification link
  • You will be directed to a congratulation page like this
  • Save your ID and Password, and click the MEMBER AREA link
  • You will be taken to this LOGIN page

Type your ID and password in the box and click on submit.
You will see your membership area. The link in the red rectangle is your membership URL. Save it.

You will see a table like in the blue rectangle above. It’s the table that you can use to watch the growth of your system.
Now, all you need to do is to promote your membership URL. You shall make a promotion blog like this. The blog should be a new one, and don’t place it in your main blog (the blog you want to promote). Write an article like this in your promotion blog. But, you may copy this article if you want to.

Attention (for those who want to copy):

At the first step of the procedure, there is a link and that is my membership link. You must change it with your membership link.

Make sure that you attach the images on your article. If you don’t do this your visitor will be confused.

Go to your main blog (the blog you want to promote) and make a link to your membership URL.

Now, it’s time to explain the benefit of this program....

This program is written in English, so you can invite people all over the world to join the program.

The participant of this program must click on the thumbnails before they continue the registration. So, the growth of your system will be the growth of your visitors number.
How much the traffic will it be?
Did you notice that we have six member thumbnails? And right now your position is in the #1 position. If you get a member, than your position will be shifted to #2 position in your member webpage. Consider that you make ten people join in this program, and they do the same thing

Then your visitors and backlinks numbers will be:
At #1 position: 10 links and visitation
At #2 position: 100 links and visitation
At #3 position: 1000 links and visitation
At #4 position: 10000 links and visitation
At #5 position: 100000 links and visitation
At #6 position: 1000000 links and visitation
Can you imagine if your blog is visited 1 million visitors and gain 1 million inbound links? What will happen to your alexa and pagerank? It will be blown up to the sky. And what does it mean? It means many people will love to put their advertise on your blog. And if you are a member of paid review programs…no one will reject your bidding. And that means more money.
This system is similar with MLM system, but don’t worry, because there is no saturation condition in this system. Why not? Because, new blogs “born” everyday. And there is a big possibility that you will make some new blogs. You know what?.... you can be the member of your own member. So the scheme won’t be a pyramid, but the sheme of spider web. So, THERE IS NO SATURATION….!

Your homepage will gain a lot of one way backlink....
Did you notice that you only need to make one outbound link to your membership URL. By doing this you potentially achieve 1 million backlinks. Isn’t it a good deal?
Does it steal other people pagerank? Of course not! Your backlink will come from the membership URL of your member and not from their main blog homepage. It’s not like the mostly viral link programs that ask you to attach so many link on your main homepage. (but make sure you make a link to your membership URL from your main homepage. THIS IS A MUST)
Althought your the PR will come from a 0 PR page. It will contribute a good credit to your PR. It’s because the membership URL only have 7 outbound links, and it’s better than 2 PR webpage with 150 outbound links.

This system gives you a control panel, so you can watch the growth of your system.

If you really need for traffic and backlinks, then personally I suggest you to join this system. This system can help you, and all you need to do is to tell this system to your friends. If you really want to do the system. It will take about 1 hour to complete the procedure. Ten minutes to registeryour blog to 1millionfreehits.com. 20 minutes to create your promotion blog like this one, and 30 minutes to make a contact with your friends, and offer this system. Just offer it, and let them decide if they need this system or not. But, I tell you this, if you read until this point, then there is no more doubt that you really need for traffic and backlink. So, why don’t you join the program? Afterall, it only takes about 1 hour to complete the procedure.

I’m so happy that you read this article.
Best Regards,

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